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Hot: Kiko Wu But Who is Hotter?
Kiko Wu (China)    

About Kiko Wu

Kiko Wu was a really popular internet model in the early years of the 21st century. It's still quite easy to find her photos today. I guess she's probably retired from modelling, but there's no doubt she'll still look pretty damned hot! Her website is still online. However, it's dated 2000 so I don't know if it's been updated for years.

Kiko Wu's Attractions

Guys find Kiko hot for many reasons, including:

  • Her silky long black hair (although like many Asian women she often dyes it red). Some guys like the red streaks in Asian girls' hair, others are purists and love the silky black look.
  • Her petite frame. Apparently Kiko is 5' 0" tall, which is fairly short for Chinese girls. Most Chinese girls are around 5' 2" - 5' 4" tall.
  • Her pale and flawlessly beautiful milky white skin. Kiko is apparently from Guangdong Province in Southern China. I'd guess Kiko is fairly dark skinned in real life, but maybe she uses a lot of those skin lightening creams that are so popular in Asia.
  • Her fabulous figure - toned legs, washboard stomach and not to mention those huge breasts.
  • Smooth, hair free skin. In fact she's smooth all over.
  • Kiko Wu has an incredible pair of legs - something you'll find on just about every Asian woman!
  • The fact that she seems to really enjoy having a sexy time! However, she's not as scary or intimidating as other great Asian internet girls like Tia Ling.

Comments About Kiko

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