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Hot: Jolin Tsai But Who is Hotter?
Jolin Tsai (Taiwan)    

About Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai is a huge pop star in Asia, and is popular in her native island of Taiwan as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, the Chinese mainland, South Korea and Japan.

Heard of Kylie Minogue? I guess Jolin Tsai is Asia's answer to Kylie! Given the vast population in East Asia and people of Chinese descent across the globe, I guess Jolin's fans easily outnumber Kylie's fans across the globe. Actually, the two mini-pop stars have actually met and recorded a song together.

Like Kylie, Jolin is quite tiny and if you went to one of her concerts you might need binoculars to spot her on the stage!

Jolin was born in Taipai in 1980.

Jolin sings in a number of different languages and often sings in a number of languages within the same song. She sings mainly in the main Chinese language of Mandarin (so-called Mandopop), but she also sings in English. Wow, she is super talented!

Jolin has released an English language album - Love Exercise. This contains a number of interesting cover versions of English songs.

Unfortunately Jolin's albums and concert DVDs can be quite difficult to find outside of Asia, so I make sure I pick up the latest released while I am out there.

If you're a fan of Jolin then one of her releases you must find is 2007's Agent J. This is usually sold as a CD and DVD double disc pack. The Agent J DVD contains a feature length spy movie in which Jolin Tsai and popular Korean actor Kim Jae Won travel throughout Asia and Europe. Jolin had to learn pole dancing and aerial ribbon dancing for some scenes that appear in the movie! The Agent J DVD also has the music video for the Let's Move It track, which is one of my all time favourite Jolin songs.

Other good Jolin albums include Dancing Diva, Butterfly and Jolin Forever.

As well as being a singer, performer and movie star, Jolin has also launched her own clothing range.

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