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Find an Asian Girlfriend - The Lowdown

So, you love Asian women. How about finding your own Hot Asian Woman?

Where do you start?

The best thing is to pick a country, go there for however long you can afford, and start dating the women there.

Here's a brief guide to Asia's women. And don't forget to use the Asian girlfriend chooser tool to give you a bit of inspiration.


Thai girls are fun. That much was apparent when I was studying in a Chinese University. The Chinese girls spent day and night studying. The Thai girls spent the day sleeping and the night partying.

Thailand is a great place to come for a fortnight and find a part-time girlfriend in a bar. But is it a good place to find a wife? Maybe, but make sure you read the 10,000+ readers' submissions on Stickman Bangkok first.

The Philippines

The Philippines is the best place to go if you want a massive choice of ladies to date. Sometimes it seems as if every girl in the Phillies is single.

It's really popular with older dudes who want much younger Asian brides.

The downside? It could be more expensive than you think. And with a sometimes hostile climate, poverty, crime, and lack of world class cuisine, it can be a tough place to live.

Interested in Filipino women? Try the Asian Love Connections dating site.


I'd recommend China as a place to go if you're a younger dude who wants an Asian wife.

China has a vast population, so you'll never run out of ladies to date.

The downside? Pollution, strange food, a huge language and cultural barrier to overcome, plus hassles and expenses in getting a long stay visa.

I spent 4 months living there, and cover some of my exploits in Happier Back Home.


Malaysia is definitely an underrated country, both for tourism and its ladies.

If you're a Western man then the best Malaysian ladies for you are likely to be amongst the 25% or so of the population that is ethnically Chinese. It's easier to get a visa to visit Malaysia, and the ladies are more in tune with Western thinking.

The downside? It's not a place to go if you want cheap beer and seedy nightlife that Thailand or the Philippines can offer.

Hong Kong and Singapore

Both city micro-states offer great opportunities for dating single professional Asian women.

The downside is that both places are expensive, and dating there is really only viable if you can find a decent white collar expat job there.

Smart guys would avoid either and go to the more chilled out Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar

If you want a bride from SE Asia then Thailand ought to be your #1 destination.

But if you fancy something a bit more off the beaten track, then what about Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar or Laos?

Laos is very small and it'll be hard to find wife material here.

Cambodia is opening up to the world, but it's still far more limited as far as dating goes compared to neighbouring Thailand.

Vietnamese ladies are very attractive indeed. But scams are rife in this country, so you need to take care there.


Indonesia is fairly overlooked, but there are many beautiful ladies here.

The downsides are that it's more conservative than other Asian countries. And it's further away from Western Europe than Thailand or China.


Ah yes, ladyboys. There are a few transsexuals listed on Hot Asian Women. Can you spot them?

If you actually want to date a ladyboy, then that's pretty easy too.

The two best countries to find ladyboys in Asia are Thailand and the Philippines. Get started by using a ladyboy friendly dating site such as Asian Love Connections.

Ladyboys are also fairly common in Malaysia. Being a predominantly Muslim country though, the ladyboy scene there is a bit more underground.

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